Kevin 's World of Magic  
presents some of  the following pieces of magic...

"My one hour show is very interactive; the audience gets to come up and assist me in almost all pieces of magic. There is pre-recorded and self contained music, and is used during certain effects, such as the Garfield Illusion!  The audience age range should be from 5 years old and up, and there is nothing scary in my show, such as fire, so small children will not be frightened.  It's a good idea not to talk about the effects I mention here with the kids before the show.  That way it remains a complete surprise. For instance, I produce out of nowhere a bowl of live goldfish swimming in water.  There is another unique effect that I developed in which I produce clouds in my bare hands.  The show is packed with different magical effects, all performed uniquely.  I have many years of experience performing magic, and children and adults of all ages love the show!"  
Magical Effects

Merlin's Mist 

Color Changing Silk 


The Egg Thing 

Cards From Air 

Exchanging Aces 

Silk Through Arm 

The Ace of Clovers 

Dancing Butterfly

Goldfish From Silk 

Flowers From Silk 

Cut and Restored Rope 

Multiplying Billiards

Torn & Restored Newspaper 

Suspending Water 

The Linking Rings 

Water in Paper 

The Garfield Illusion 


Large Illusions

Houdini's Metamorphosis KG Style

Wondrous Box Kite Illusion 

Details on Large Illusions