NOTE: If you are planning to have Kevin do a show for your party, you may not want to read these descriptions, due to the fact it will not be as much of a surprise when you see the magic yourself !

The Goldfish Illusion

goldfish1.GIF (6155 bytes)  goldfish1.GIF (6155 bytes)

Invented by Kevin , this illusion involves the magician showing a hand painted large silk on both sides.  The silk has two large goldfish painted on it.  Kevin drapes the silk over his arm, after showing it on both sides, only to whisk it away to reveal in his hands a large goldfish bowl filled with water and live goldfish!

* This illusion is performed in all shows


Houdini's Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis escape-illusion was originally made famous by Harry and Bess Houdini around 1900, and then modernized and made popular again by Doug Henning with his Broadway musical "The Magic Show" which started in 1974.  Kevin has developed a version that no other magician in the world today performs.  

A large trunk is examined by two audience members.   Inside the box is a large canvas bag, which is also examined by the volunteers.  Kevin instructs them how to lock him inside the box, within the bag.  This includes four pad locks and two ropes that go all around the box and are tied in the front.  The keys to the four pad locks for the top are given to a third person in the audience.

Exciting music starts to play... 

Kevin steps into the bag, as the two helpers pull it up over his head and tie it tightly with a rope, so there is no escape.   The bag is pushed down into the box, and the top lid is latched and locked on all four sides.  The two ropes which go all the way around the box are then tied tightly in the front.

The two audience members raise a large curtain up around the box, which was previously laying around the base of the box.  The curtain is held up above their heads and around the box.  

Within a few seconds Kevin's hands appear at the top of the curtain and pull it down! The two audience members, shocked, let the curtain down and Kevin is sitting right there on top of the locked box!  

And that is only half of the illusion - the rest is a surprise and not described here!

This illusion requires a stage of at least 10x10 feet.  No lighting or curtain is necessary.  It can be performed surrounded by an audience on all sides.  This illusion is usually done for medium to large events, such as schools, boy scout events, etc.



The Wondrous Box Kite Illusion

Boxkite2.GIF (85406 bytes)

Magician Kevin pulls a long white cord and out onto the stage rolls a large box that looks like a kite.   He pulls it and shows it on all sides, and then the inside, opening the front door.  All sides of the box are made of paper, and a hand held light is passed all around the outside and inside of the box, showing it to be completely empty.  The front panel of the box is closed and the light is inserted through a hole in the top of the box.  The paper sides and front illuminate and reveals a picture of the a sky- the sun and horizon.  

As the music plays, Kevin gestures his hands in front of the box and a small silhouette of a woman flying a kite appears on the front.  It slowly moves from left to right and the small figure disappears into the corner of the box.  The audience can see the front, left and right sides of the box fully illuminated with only this small silhouette shadow cast onto the front paper.

As Kevin waves his hand in front of the paper, a large life-like silhouette profile of a woman now materializes.  The profile moves slowly across the front, and two hands appear with it, pulling a large kite string.  This image slowly disappears off to the side as well.

Kevin gestures his hand in front of the image of the sun, and a hand silhouette slowly rises up, as if reaching out of the earth.  He draws his hand up, as if guiding the silhouette out of the earth and into the sky.

Kevin then suddenly pushes his hand through the front paper, tearing through it and reaching inside, grasping the silhouette hand inside the box.   He pulls out of the box his real live assistant, who steps through the front paper of the box and dances onto the stage!

This illusion requires a regular stage with curtain and lighting and is only performed with special arrangements.