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Look how far we have come with computing...


16MB (16 million bytes) of RAM in a main frame at 9,478 pounds in 1981 compared to 2GB (2 billion bytes) RAM in a typical notebook weighing under 8 pounds today in 2007, or a thumb drive that has 2GB on a key chain!  Put another way, I can hold in my hand a USB thumb flash drive which has 125 times more memory on it than an IBM state of the art main frame computer had in 1981.


I actually helped assemble these main frames in IBM Poughkeepsie in 1981 for 6 months (temp position).


From :


The machine is a model K 3081 processor, containing 64K of fast buffer memory. It has 16 Megabytes of main memory. The 3082 Processor Controller undertakes initialization of the 3081 processor.


The machine has a memory cycle time of 312 nanoseconds and is 8 bytes wide. It is compatible with other S/370 machines.


The machine used 3.4KVA and weighs about 9478 pounds.

A major feature of the machine was the Multi-Chip modules called Thermal Conduction Modules (TCM), shown here. They are helium filled units. 8 can be seen in the top of the main unit, with the pipes for water cooling of the modules. Each module consists of a Multi-Layer Ceramic substrate with up to 118 chips mounted. These are smaller versions of the ones used in the Fujitsu supercomputer in the collection.


IBM's historical site:

Interestingly, IBM already had the concept of dual processors long before Intel ever thought they would have a "Core 2 Duo" that puts a 1981 main frame to shame...

The dyadic concept offers "under the cover" dual processors which should improve system availability compared to a uniprocessor. The packaging technology used is the result of several years of systematic research. Benefits of this technology include enhanced reliability, improved availability and serviceability.

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