A Tribute to Doug Henning's
World of Magic

February 10, 2000 and beyond

Name:  Michael
EMAIL: warriormgw@hotmail.com

I was inspired by Doug Henning...
I was a student at Penn State in the late 70's when he cane to town and put on one of the BEST displays of magic I ever saw and truly LOVED how the audience reacted to every illusion. I thanked him then with my applause and thank him now because Ive NEVER forgotten that show. I even shared it with my daughter just the other day... not realizing he passed away until the Emmy show this evening... This may come late..but i am VERY SORRY my daughter will never experience his show live. I hope the TV shows will be repeated in honor of his memory.
Thank you for this honor to pay tribute to him...I pray his soul rests in peace...

Frank C. Branchini, BeatleFanFCB@hotmail.com

I was inspired by Doug Henning... when I saw the Magic Show on Broadway and again when it went on the road and came to Washington. I am impressed by any one who can make a lion disappear. Doug brought joy to so many people. It gives me some comfort to imagine him in heaven making magic for John Lennon and God. Doug's passing reminded me of a phrase from a song by Leonard Cohen: "Magic is afoot, God is alive."

Wild Bill Cutter, wildbill@injersey.infi.net

I was inspired by Doug Henning... He will live in our hearts forever..... I miss him already.... Wild Bill

Brian Pond,  vmac1@home.com

I was inspired by Doug Henning... he gave me the drive to go on. And if you believe in your self. you can over come your fears in life thanks to him he helped me to believed in my shelf thank you Mr. Henning. for all the happiness you gave us all :)


I was inspired by Doug Henning...when he was in the magic show on Broadway and his TV specials. I especially appreciated that he didn't call it magic, but illusion showing us that he clearly didn't have any special powers, but that he was an amazing performer. I have used allot of his style in my own presentation where I am known as Haldini when I perform my illusion ministry (approximately 1 to 2 shows a year). I use every trick I do to honor my Lord and savior Yeshua the Messiah Jesus Christ by having a bible illustration behind supporting every trick. Thank you Doug that by following your style I am able to tell everyone that sees the presentation that by believing in Jesus and what He did for us is the only way to go to heaven. "for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus the Messiah..." Romans 6:23 

Michael Weinstein (a.k.a.) Mike Monroe mmonroe_magic@hotmail.com

I was inspired by Doug Henning...trough what he released in other people: Born in Germany in 1965 I grew up with American neighbors. I had never heard of Doug and his magic, until I started doing it . Well, I got started by others, but nevertheless We are all related to each other somehow. But what really struck me, was that every time I performed to one of my American friends or a fellow magician, they would ask me: "" Have you ever heard of Doug Henning? He is just great!"" and this was always accompanied by a big smile and bright sparkling eyes. I wondered who that man was and finally last year had a chance to see one of his TV specials on video: there he was sawing two women in half, obviously switching the parts and putting them together in a mixed up way. All done with a smile. At that moment I knew where all these enlightened faces came from: They were talking about Doug Henning, a truly wonderful magician and presumably a real nice guy and a truly wonderful human being. What a pity, I never had the chance to meet him eye to eye. My deepest condolences go out to his wife Debby, his family and everyone who is close to him and misses him. 

Mike Monroe, magician Chad Irish chadirish@hotmail.com

I Was Inspired By Doug Henning, By The Way He Lived His Life. I Still Can't Believe He Has Passed Away. :-( My Mom Passed Away On 12th Of Feb. 2000 From Cancer Too. I Remember Seeing Doug Live On Stage In Toronto & In Niagara Falls. You Just Lighted Up The Stage With Your Magic. Well, Take Care Doug Henning, Will All Miss You Very Much.

Mark Sturdevant merlin@ncweb.com

I was inspired by Doug Henning... His ability to make his audience feel he was seeing the magic for the first time right along with them taught me that it wasn't the magic we as magicians sell an audience. What we sell is the wonder of magic, that little spark in a child's eye that says they believe, that the world is filled with miracles if we just take the time to look. His unusual style made his audience feel that if this little guy in the jeans could work miracles, then maybe so could they. He showed me that magic could be fun and still mystify. When I first got into magic it was very stuffy, tuxedos and top hats were the expected dress for birthday shows, and only boring nerd types learned magic. DOUG MADE MAGIC COOL! I firmly believe that every working magician today owes a debt to Doug Henning, for without him none of us would be enjoying the popularity we now have. The world will deeply miss Doug Henning and I know that when the books are written, history will show that if Robert Houdini was the father of modern magic, Doug Henning WAS modern magic. He breathed life into a dying art and taught us all the true meaning of magic. Thank you Doug. 

GP Gilley airwaves747@webtv.net

I was inspired by Doug Henning... I was young in the 70's and Doug's Magic was so familiar, it struck a heartstring that still carries even today.

Jonathan Steigman peacelove@earthling.net

I just heard yesterday (March 1) about Doug's passing, and am deeply saddened. He was a major influence on my magical development, since I saw ""The Magic Show"" twice when I was a young boy. A friend of the family was a NYT reporter working on a story about magic, so I even got to go backstage and meet him! He was most friendly and patient, even though I was only a tongue-tied 8-year-old! I was living overseas through much of the Seventies, so my well-worn copy of "The Magic Show" soundtrack was a constant connection to the world of magic. I was disappointed when he left the world of magic to go with ""those TM people,"" but I have since learned that he was right after all: There is real magic out there that's more magical than anything we can do on stage. Always doing his own thing, that Doug. My signed picture of Doug smiling behind a lioness will always remind me of the man who brought magic back into "magic."

Cherlyn im_the_maillady@yahoo.com

I was inspired by Doug Henning...In 1985 my daughter was hospitalized in Columbus Children's Hospital with a brain tumor. Mr. Henning came to the hospital to put on a show for the sick kids. He had different children come up to help him with the illusions. My daughter was one of his helpers. I will never forget the wonder in her eyes, or those of the other kids! My daughter cherishes the photos, and the video clip of this magical visit. (she is now 20 yrs old) Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Debby. He is greatly missed!

Darryl Hutton pepperwood75@hotmail.com 

I was inspired by Doug Henning. when I met him before he become famous. I was watching The Conklin's Magic show in Cambridge, Ontario Canada and Doug tapped me on the shoulder and said ,"You guys must be magicians talking about levitations. Why don't we eat out later." We ate at George's Chinese Restaurant and shared magical know-how and even different finger exercises. I said to my friend Paul Reuter that Doug would be famous some day, for he really believes in magic. And you know the rest is history. On March 09.00 the Kenilworth Public School Magic Club dedicated a 60 minute magic show to Doug Henning. Doug, we'll all miss you. May all your dreams be filled with the wonder and enchantment of magic
- Darryl the Wizard. 

Gregory Alan Schultz, BRISAVIARY@Aol.com

I was inspired by Doug Henning... Because he made magic, he didn't only do tricks. He also was the one who brought magic out of the 19'th century. He forever changed magic for the better. I miss him terribly. I was so looking forward to his return to magic. I had the pleasure of meeting him on his "Illusion Versus Reality" tour.

joe schmidt, euro-shark@webtv.net

I was inspired by Doug Henning... He really made magic more enjoyable to watch. His personality made it a big plus.

Bill Dickson, william.dickson@rcn.net

I was inspired by Doug Henning 23 years ago when he came to my home town in PA to perform, what really inspired me was the way he performed his magic and the way he interacted with the audience. I was just starting out in magic and Doug was the very first big time magician I had ever seen perform. To this very day I still have the newspaper clipping with his picture and I even had a chance to have him sign it. Doug will be deeply missed in the world of magic and I hope everyone that has met him in person or seen him to keep his sprit alive with the magic in their heart

Shannon D. Smith, uppyuppy@bellsouth.net

I was inspired by Doug Henning... to believe in myself and to be myself. I will truly miss him. Doug may be gone but his wonder lives on in the hearts and minds of his audience. LONG LIVE THE WONDER OF MAGIC !!!


I was inspired by Doug Henning... because of his wonderful TV shows ! This artist is full of energy, all the time !

Name:        Steve
EMAIL:       Coastin-steve@webtv.net
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Date:        Tuesday, February 15, 2000
Time:        08:38:23 PM
I was inspired by Doug Henning...
I saw the Magic Show on Broadway many times and was always impressed by how Doug's enthusiasm MADE the tricks more exciting.   As a performing magician you had to admire him.

Name:        Jeffrey Edwards
EMAIL:       jedwards@leadintogold.com
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Date:        Monday, February 14, 2000
Time:        05:49:58 AM
I was inspired by Doug Henning...
Fun, wonder and a sense that it was really possible to 'do the impossible' all became part of my life and work as a result of watching Doug Henning perform.
I was also inspired to work hard to accomplish "the impossible"

Name:        tom hendricks
EMAIL:       maic84@webtv.com
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Date:        Friday, February 11, 2000
Time:        07:13:23 PM
I first saw Doug Henning perform in the late 1970's and early 1980's. I couldn't help but notice his enthusiasm and love for the art of magic. I had hoped to meet him one day but it never happened. I had really hoped he would return to magic someday. To watch him work is something I will never forget. One day I hope  to stand on stage  and dedicate my show to him. God bless Doug Henning and his wife. Thanx for the memories Doug!

Name:        Mary
EMAIL:       MyrnRn@aol.com
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Date:        Friday, February 11, 2000
Time:        05:07:41 PM
I remember as a child that I found Doug Henning to be the most captivating illusionist.  He made me wonder how he could produce his wonderful illusions.  recently, my family and I were wondering what happened to him these past few years, and we were remarking on his incredible talent.  I don't usually comment on web sites, let alone one re: a celebrity.  But I really am saddened at the loss of Mr. Henning.  He was one of those people who I felt would "be around forever" especially with his youthful ways & the childlike wonder that he inspired in my generation.  May his soul be at peace, and my sincere condolences to his family.  

Name:        Carlos LeGuerrrier aka Carlos LeMagnificent
EMAIL:       cdnmagic@hotmail.com
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Date:        Friday, February 11, 2000
Time:        01:35:08 PM
I was inspired by Doug Henning... because he was the only Canadian magician to this day to obtain a grant to go and study magic with the great ones. I think that's where it all started. He was able to get the money which then led him to the Magic Castle to study with the great Dai Vernon (also Canadian) and Slydini. He has also given other Canadian a step up. I also went down to California to study magic. I attended the Chavez Studio of Magic and studied with Dale Salwak. I have also become a member to the Magic Castle. From being there for only 6 months, I noticed that there are about 100 times more magicians just in LA than all of Canada. Magicians come a dime a dozen over there. Doug Henning made Canadian magicians noticeable. I'm not saying there are no great Canadian magicians right now...but I'm just saying that Doug Henning started that trend for us Canadians.
Doug Henning will be missed by those who knew him and of those who knew of him. RIP.
Carlos LeMagnificent

Name:        Dominik Strobel
EMAIL:       CampDirector@ftacamp.com
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Date:        Friday, February 11, 2000
Time:        10:37:41 AM
I had heard a lot about Doug and I saw him on video recordings in Switzerland before I had a chance to meet him and his wife in the spring of 1984 in Yugoslavia. We spoke about my big plan of going to the USA to be a student at Maharishi International University. I had some reservations about going to a university I did not know, in a very far away country I had never been to. Doug had such a contagious enthusiasm with which he removed all my last little doubts. A few months later I arrived at MIU, and it was the best decision I ever made, thanks in part to Doug Henning.

Later, I remember when he told an audience at MIU about his meeting with President Reagan. It was during a very dark period of his presidency at a Christmas party where there was a very hostile atmosphere and nobody felt like celebrating. Maybe someone else remembers Doug's exact words and description of the events. All I remember was that the entire audience was very touched and crying. I've never seen so many people cry in one place... I could not believe how an "accidental guest" like Doug could find just the right words to dissolve a stress that had paralyzed an entire nation's government and restore Christmas at the White House.

Name:        David Reed-Brown
EMAIL:       illusion@snet.net
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Date:        Thursday, February 10, 2000
Time:        07:33:31 PM
I was inspired by Doug Henning...
It is so hard to believe that Doug Henning has died.  I will NEVER forget the excitement and wonder that Doug created for me at the very impressionable age of 8.  Seeing his escape from the water torture cell on live television is one of the magical highlights of my life.  It was that year that I began falling in love with magic.  I never missed his annual specials.  Perhaps even more than his fantastic performances of grand illusion, was his love for close-up magic.  He always included it in his shows.  I remember one special where he opened with a one handed vanishing nickel.  It was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop - now that's WONDER!  I remember him bringing children up on stage to sit cross-legged in front of his close-up mat.  He showed them how he warmed up his fingers, and I remember shells moving magically from one hand to another as they just glided above the mat, and objects vanished from beneath an overturned glass. A marked coin appeared imbedded in the cardboard of a matchbook.  The image of a coin in a mirror became real, and then the image of 2 coins in a mirror did the same!  I remember that amazing folding mirror with a "sweater" knitted by his grandmother, and an object (a cube or a metal bar) levitated in his hand.

Perhaps what struck me most about Doug is that he was so kind and gracious - I'd watch ANYTHING he did.  Looking back now, I admire him for following his heart and choosing to follow what he believed in.  While many of us scoffed, he told us that there were very REAL WONDERS that were far more valuable than fame and fortune.  This past summer I was fortunate to travel around the country.  As I did, I visited magic shops in the major cities, and it seemed as though I was following Doug around the country because everywhere I went people in the shops would say, "O, Doug Henning was just in!"  And they would point to the new picture on the wall. That same wonder from my childhood was sparked yet again.  A friend of mine was sending him books as he began to help Doug rebuild his library, and I encouraged him to send some books from the 1990s that seemed to develop the sense of mystery that Doug was pointing us towards.  As recent photos, articles and television interviews emerged, I hoped to meet him some time soon, but perhaps he knew time was short... Maybe he needed to reconnect and even say, "Goodbye and don't forget what I taught you..."  His death is a great loss to Debby, his family and to all of us.  I only hope that I will be as open to the eternal mysteries that sparked in Doug the joy of sharing wonder.

The Rev. David Reed-Brown
Illusion, Wonder & You
Westbrook, CT

Name:        Keith Lamb
EMAIL:       lambk@mts.net
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Date:        Thursday, February 10, 2000
Time:        06:37:05 PM
I was inspired by Doug Henning... because we live within 150 miles of where he grew up! I always followed his career since he started as we were close to the same age. We will all miss him in this part of the world. May God rest his soul.

Regards, Keith.

Name:        Tony DeCoteau
EMAIL:       tonydecot@aol.com
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Date:        Thursday, February 10, 2000
Time:        01:48:53 PM
I was inspired by Doug Henning... the very first time I saw him put on a show for us at our alma mater, McMaster University in the late 60s.
Years later when I saw his NBC show, I had to call one of our mutual friends to confirm that he was the same smiling Doug Henning who lived in the same dorm with us. We were amazed by the tricks he did back then, but none of us ever imagined he would go on to achieve such fame.
Hey Doug, I and so many of your college-days West Indian friends never got the chance to congratulate you when you made it, but even though this is the last hurrah, on behalf of them, it is still not to late to say congrats. Dazzle St. Peter with one of those tricks you did for us at school. He will have no choice but to let you through Heavens gates. God bless you.

Name:        Michael Grandinetti
EMAIL:       MichaelGrandinetti@netscape.net
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Date:        Thursday, February 10, 2000
Time:        11:15:53 AM
I was inspired by Doug Henning...
He showed me how beautiful the art of magic could be.  Doug's performances made magic fun.  I think Jim Steinmeyer's  description of Doug's magic as "a burst of fresh air" is perfect.

Doug opened the door for magicians everywhere and I, for one, will forever be grateful.

Name:        Paul Kieve
EMAIL:       paul@stageIllusion.com
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Date:        Thursday, February 10, 2000
Time:        10:41:56 AM
Doug taught me that the art of magic is all about reminding the audience of their own sense of wonder and to give them a feeling of joy, it is not about how clever the magician is. The inspiration I got from watching Doug's TV specials changed my life.  

Name:        Carl Polaris
EMAIL:       polarismagic@ny.freei.net
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Date:        Thursday, February 10, 2000
Time:        04:15:00 AM
I was inspired by Doug Henning... The First day that I ever saw Doug Henning was the happiest day of my life.  I was just 19 years old.  I went to see the hottest movie at the time.  It was called "Young Frankenstein".  I laughed from the opening credits 'til the end.  I left the movie theatre and headed for the Cort Theatre.  Many people were outside the theatre and talking about the showing being on Broadway.  I sat at about 12th row in the front.  I was stunned by trick after trick.  "What did he mean that he didn't tear that paper"? I was waiting for him to switch it.  But he didn't...it just went together.   I was talking about that day for weeks to friends and and family.  Actually when people ask me of how I got started....although I started when I was 8... I still add this day into my story.  So a month after seeing the show on Broadway I have a deck of cards in my hand.  As I start walking into the D. Robbins store --then in Manhattan-- I'm stunned to meet Doug Henning coming out.  He notices the cards in my hands and he asked me if I do card tricks?  Foolishly cause of my youth I said "Why yes I do".  Doug then puts on his trademark and truthful smile..."Please show me a card trick"  I then start doing a card trick with my hands shaking as I try to tell my mind to stop it from shaking. but of course it doesn't.  A minute later-- yet it seemed like a day later-- when the trick was over Doug said.." That's a nice card trick... but why are you shaking?  I started cry and said..."Cause you're Doug Henning" He then realized he was my idol and shook my hand and said..."Don't worry...You'll be a great magician". I'm sorry that I can't go on with this letter   :'-(  :~-(
God Speed Doug

Name:        Nicholas Carifo
EMAIL:       nicholas@tsil.net
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Date:        Thursday, February 10, 2000
Time:        03:44:32 AM
It's hard to express the feeling I had when I was told today of Doug Henning's passing.  A part of my magical life is gone. I met Doug only once, as a kid in Pittsburgh, for an autograph at the backstage door of Heinz Hall.  I never had the opportunity to get to know Doug personally, but his work has touched and inspired me for life.  Looking back, I can see that so much of what I strive to achieve as an entertainer I learned from Doug Henning.  Magic with Doug Henning was fun.  That's what it was about...the simple, amazing feeling of "wonder", as he called it.  Doug didn't try to fool us....Doug experienced the wonder WITH us!  And I can never thank him enough for that.  Thank you Doug.  Thank you for the wonder.
Nicholas Carifo
Los Angeles, CA

Name:        Lee White
EMAIL:       purpleturtle4@home.net
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Date:        Thursday, February 10, 2000
Time:        01:52:58 AM
I was inspired by Doug Henning... I met Doug at what was then the Bayview theater in Toronto during the original Magic Show back in the '70's. He made magic seem like something one could just wish for and have happen.  He also made the people who met him feel so very important.  I was only a teen then, but he made me feel like the only thing in the world as we talked. I developed a crush on his boyish looks then, and as I matured, fell in love with his skill and spirit. I feel like I've lost a soul mate.  Being in the same theater was like being in another world. At least my mom and brother can see his show now in the hereafter!

Name:            Tracey lynn Brauer
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Date:            Monday, March 19, 2001


Name:            Dean Kaplan
EMAIL:           whosdeany@hotmail.com
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Date:            Wednesday, March 28, 2001

I was inspired by Doug Henning...he made me believe.....he made me realize that there whilst there is an image in ones mind to BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES it makes them believe in EVERYTHING.


Name:            Joseph  T. Kowalski
EMAIL:           ymir_vilmeid@excite.com
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Date: 10/26/2002
I was inspired by Doug Henning... by his presentation what seems impossible is possible. he might lose the war with david copperfield on money and popularity end. that's not important. what was important was his kindness, inspirational illusions and how he left people feeling. magicians come and go like blaine and that mindfreak guy chris angel I think. both great illusionists but neither has  how you say that inspiration and kindness. doug where ever you are  you are sorely missed   a magician of a more gentler time and  thank you very much

Name:            linda gregory-caldwell
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Date: 12/31/2002

I was inspired by Doug Henning... I was in absolute awe when I saw Doug's shows on NBC in the 1970's. I met Doug in 1977 and saw him live at the Pantages Theatre in California. The TV shows could not compare to seeing Doug live and in person. I remember John Ritter was on stage with Doug at the Pantages Theatre. Shirley Henning and I then flew to Vegas to see Doug perform at the Hilton with Bill Cosby headlining.  It was truly a magical time. Doug was truly a down to earth person. He was kind, generous and delightful. I felt sad when I think the world has lost it's best illusionist and a great human. I think of Debby Henning and hope she is doing well and hope she knows that she is loved.
Your friend, Linda of Oakville, Canada

Name:            Dell Cullum  (The Great Delini)
EMAIL:           kachina35@aol.com
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Date: 2/18/2003

I was inspired by Doug Henning... I remember the day my mom and dad took me to see the Magic Show. I think it was the Cort Theatre. I had never heard of Doug, but left the theatre that afternoon never forgetting him. I saw the show again 4 days later, and after the show my dad took me to Tannen's Magic shop, bought me about $1000.00 worth of magic, and this began my life of magic. I saw the show again, a month later. There was a stand in for the bumbling magician character...his name was David Ogden Stiers.. I continued to progress in magic and made a good name for myself from age 14 thru 28. I lost my only son in 1991 to leukimia and have never been the same, but continue to love life, God, family and the joy of magic. I wish I could have met Mr. Henning, and thanked him.

Name:            Steve Kirsner
EMAIL:           Skirsner@hppavilion.com
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Date: 3/15/2003

I was inspired by Doug Henning...
Working for Doug was a challenge. The best thing about him was his unwillingness to accept less than the best and would not accept, "that can't be done" for answer. Doug taught me to look at things differently and realize there is always a way to get what you want done. He was a kind and generous person and I miss him a lot.

Date: 7/14/2003

I was truly shocked to hear of Doug Henning's passing. He somehow had
disappeared from view over the years. I miss his bright cheery
presentation. I remember him being on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show and
demonstrating a trick with coins disappearing in his hands, then showing
how it was done slowly and a few seconds later, doing the trick again so
one could not see how he did it.. It was amazing to watch. He was a
special talent and I miss him. Seeing his face on your website brings back
the memories of his presence in the entertainment world. He was a pleasure
to see and to hear.  

Name:            Stephen Geraci
EMAIL:           stemikger@netzero.com
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Date: 12/31/2003

I was inspired by Doug Henning... My late father took me to see the magic show on Broadway in New York.  I was hooked.  I stayed up to watch all his television specials and the magic I felt was the real deal.  The magic of a young kid watching his idol and realizing this is what he wanted to be when he grew up.  Although I never did become a magician like I wanted, I will always be grateful for those magical moments in my life.

Name:            RAFAEL AGUIRRE
EMAIL:           webmaster@ecosdecaracas.com
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Date: 1/14/2004

I was inspired by Doug Henning... Is incredible for me this moment, because is now when I know that Doug no is here. Now I have 44 years old, living in Caracas, Venezuela, South America.
My first money`s trick (25 years ago), was a idea of Doug. Today this trick is with me, my best magic money`s trick. THANKS VERY MUCH

Name:            Tanya
EMAIL:           foldagert@pchd.net
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Date: 7/22/2044

I was inspired by Doug Henning... I was present at Doug and Debby's wedding at MIU in Fairfield, Iowa.  It was a lovely wedding and allot of fun too.  Doug did 3 magic acts during the ceremony including one that produced many white roses which he had all the children come up and get.  My daughter was one of those children.  She kept that rose pressed between the pages of a favorite book for many years.  I just remember the sweetness that emanated from Doug and Debby.  I still think of him and the really happy years I spent as a TMer at MIU.  Cheers, Tanya

Name:            davidtipler
EMAIL:           davidtpler00@hotmail.com
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Date: 11/9/2004

Doug Henning was a great magician a true showman, and I will always remember him.
He was talented and his shows were an inspiration to magicians all over the world and I was astounded and amazed by his skill and the way he handled an audience.

Name:            Ray Cerio
EMAIL:           dcerio2@twcny.rr.com
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Date: 11/30/2004

I was inspired by Doug Henning... I first saw Doug Henning when he appeared at LeMoyne College in Syracuse about 1976.  He was very gracious to our group of magicians and came out after the show and talked to all of us and had his picture taken with us or we had our picture taken with him.  I went to NYC after The Magic Show opened and saw him there once again.  Then about 1984 he was appearing at The Landmark Theatre in Syracuse and I sent him a note backstage that I had an award to present to him from our Ring (74).  Both my wife and I were invited back stage and we spent about a half hour with him and Debby.  Both were very gracious and both signed my book of The Master Illusionettes.  He asked me what I thought of his chair suspension which he performed that night.  I did not have the opportunity to see him or Debbie again after that night but he inspired me with his charm and friendly manner and I vowed that I would always follow his style of communicating with the audience that I was performing before.  To me he was the best since Blackstone Sr. who I had seen as a 10 year old in 1941 at The Strand Theatre in Syracuse.  I still have the book with his signature in which is very readable, compared to another magicians signature in the same book which is nothing more than a line.  Needless to say I was saddened when I learned he had passed away.  I have a large poster of him in my Magic Shop and point out to all who never had the opportunity to see him what a great magician he was.

Name:            Sharmila
EMAIL:           firechic_1994@hotmail.com
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Date: 1/6/2005

I was inspired by Doug Henning...because he never took his magic too seriously. He always had fun. It was so sad that he had passed away. By honor I chose to do a speech on him. And if I win, then I might go to the finals so Canadians in Ontario can hear about him.

Name:            Joe Innella
EMAIL:           innella@bellsouth.net
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Date: 1/17/2005

During Doug's Broadway show Merlin, my former wife Karen was employed by Doug and Debbie as their cook.  I got to become friends with Doug and Debbie and because of my profession at the time, I became Doug's haircutter.  I was so thrilled to offer my services to him that I refused to take payment from him.  Doug insisted however, and would write me a check.  I remember I did not want to cash it because it meant so much to me.  Soon his accountant got concerned about this outstanding check that I finally did cash it to keep things OK. 
Doug was a wonderful man.  I miss him. 

Name:            FERNANDO KELLER
EMAIL:           elmagokeller@hotmail.com
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Date: 1/31/2005

I was inspired by Doug Henning...in all the principles magic and concepts. 

Name:            clem robins
EMAIL:           crobins@fuse.net
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Date: 3/18/2005

I was inspired by Doug Henning...

He made a statement that I've always found inspiring. I wonder if anybody could help me to get the quotation exactly right.  It was something like, "the impossible must become possible. the possible must become routine. the routine must become easy. and the easy must become beautiful."  I teach figure drawing at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and have used this quotation frequently. Can anybody help me get it exactly right?

Clem robins

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Name:            Paul Davis
EMAIL:           lonewolf58585@aol.com
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Date: 4/4/2005

I was inspired by Doug Henning....As Doug was one of the first BIG American illusionist that I saw on a TV special, and he inspired me to want to be like him, which today under my alias of "Chubby Harris" I perform magic just like him...Thank you Doug!!

Name:            R D Gatchell
EMAIL:           singledad50@yahoo.com
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Date: 4/27/2005

I was inspired by Doug Henning...by his spark for life, his great magic and the awe that I felt as I watched him perform.

Name:            harry-76
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Date: 4/28/2005

I was inspired by Doug Henning... seeing his "Magic Show" live on Broadway. I returned three more times, bringing friends, who likewise loved Henning's work. The one thing that sets him apart from pretty much all other illusionists is his extremely positive vibration. Where others have neutral to very negative vibes, Doug's is vibrantly joyful, play-filled, and fun-loving.  His smile and enthusiasm is real, and his love for beauty and love makes him forever unique.  He is missed, and his legacy lives on--he made an indelible mark, and his "Magic Show" DVD is to be cherished.

Name:            Michael Raymer
EMAIL:           magimike@iglou.com
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Date: 5/1/2005

I was inspired by Doug Henning... I met Doug Henning the first time in 1984 or 1985 in Louisville KY. I was a young magician, struggling to find my way. I watched Doug and it was like the lights came on. Doug enjoyed his magic as if he himself were seeing it for the first time. To this day I value that and try to make every performance a new one in the sense that we all have real magic within us, and we all can share in that sense of wonder.

Name:            DJ
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Date: 7/17/2005

I was inspired by Doug Henning...first I saw Jeff Mylett in Godspell and learned he took over for Doug Henning in "The Magic Show", so I did a little research and came to see that Mr. Henning was an awesome guy! They don't have performers like him anymore, and that stinks. Doug Henning will be missed, so lets try and keep his legacy alive! Thanks for bringing smiles to so many faces, young and old, we will miss you Mr. Henning.
Keep up the great work on the site!

Name:            Gordo Symons
EMAIL:           gordonsymons1@hotmail.com
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Date: 9/13/2005

I am myself a magician, and Doug has long been a source of inspiration to me.
Doug was a great magician, a great Canadian and more importantly, a great man.
His illusions were artistic and beautiful, while entertaining and creating a sense of wonder and suspension of disbelief not seen before.
In Doug Henning's hands, magic became art, and art became wonder!

Name:            david M. Spindel
EMAIL:           dbspindel@cox.net
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I was inspired by Doug Henning... I saw Doug's show on Broadway. I saw the cover of his program and felt it wasn't worthy of his talent. I contacted his agent and after some discussions, Doug agree to pose for me. The end result was the new photograph I created was used on his program to replace the one that he was currently using.
One day when Doug was coming into NY, he asked me to come with him to meet The Great Slidini.  This man was his teacher. I have a beautiful portrait that I took which is autographed by both of them.

If you check out my website, I have one of the many photos I took of Doug.

Name:            Brayden
EMAIL:           CalifKid1@aol.com
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Date: 4/4/2006

I was inspired by Doug Henning...
After I saw his first show I immediately went out and purchased a junior magic set. I was about 15 and couldn't wait to get it home. I practiced and practiced and got relatively good. Good enough to do tricks and illusions for customers when I became a waitress to support myself through college. I use to make three times what everyone else took home, and after paying tuition and rent, I still had a little left over.
I was never a professional performer, but still do it every chance I get to make people smile and lighten any mood...  I am now teaching my young son magic, he loves it and it has helped him make a lot of new friends. Had it not been for Doug Henning... college would have been a lot tougher, that's for sure...

Name:            Alok Lahad
EMAIL:           alok.lahad@aloklahad.com
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I was inspired by Doug Henning...

I went to meet the president of the IBMs New Delhi Chapter (India) Mr. Sharma who ran a newspaper and magazine shop. I was introduced to this short man with long hair. On knowing that I was a student of magic, this man picked up a newspaper from the stand and broke it into small pieces and later restored it. I was amazed. Today I can perform this trick but not with an unprepared newspaper. I did not know then that the Best Magician of the World was performing for me, and that charming man was Dough Henning. He was in India designing the Veda Land proposed by Maharishi. What a pity he left us so soon.

Date: 4/28/2005

Name:            andrew norstrum
EMAIL:           houdinischild@yahoo.com
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I watched with great fascination as a yonger person, every opportunity to observer performances on television of Mr. Henning..... that's the only exposure we had to magic in Montana.... sad to say.... his enthusiasm was infectious, and I only hope to  one day make some sort of contribution to the art of magic, before my life is over.


Name:            Chase Anderson
EMAIL:           chasemusica@hotmail.com
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Date:            11/28/2006

I was inspired by Doug Henning...  Here it is, almost December of 2006 and for some inexplicable reason (perhaps stirred by a recent viewing of 'The Illusionist') I began thinking of Doug again... after all these years. Unlike some of the more fortunates, I met him only once --- in 1982 at two or three o'clock in the morning as he and his wife Debbie slowly pulled their car in to the campus of Maharishi International University where I was a student. Perhaps they had just come back from their honeymoon... who knows? I can't even recall what he said as he drove their car to a brief stop and inquired about something on campus. I just remember what a compassionate, gentle and awake energy he had, even at that hour, after what was probably a long road trip. The rest of my experience with him (until this month) was just watching a few of his TV shows, that's it. Can anyone explain why I would be feeling his spirit strongly enough (or is it just my own subjective experience?) to want to go online and seek out websites about him and to be thinking about him as strongly as I do these days?  I came to this site mainly because it popped up in a 'Doug' Google search. I was immediately impressed with the artwork on the main page and then the heartfelt 'inspirations' that were left by people way back in 2000 when he 'passed.' At the same time, I recognized these pages as the best Doug material I had found (even with the outdated links it had). Since then the site has just skyrocketed with all the recent additions and incredible images recently added to honor Doug. I've never met Kevin (this is his site, so check HIM out here too) but I am so grateful to him for the long hours of work he put into this and I sincerely hope you will share this site with your friends. I feel the magic of Doug's spirit right now in this moment --- in this place online. Do you?

Long Live Doug Henning in the Heart of All of Us.

Chase Anderson
New Haven, Connecticut







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