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Some magic has been added to cyberspace and it's called...


Interactive Magic and Illusion on the Web


In 2000 Tech TV was a big cable TV nationwide channel backed by NBC and Microsoft (MSNBC) which covered the exploding world wide web and it's numerous technolgies, including the people and computers that run the Internet.

I was interviewed LIVE about CyberMagic by an animated character named "Tilde", which was groundbreaking at the time for TV and the Internet... The animated character's mouth would move in synch with the actor's voice over, and the body (avatar) would move as well. They used state of the art film-making and computer animation technologies to accomplish this each day live. I was in New York and the animated character and actor were in California. I performed some slight of hand magic on live TV for Tilde.

Here are some of the still images from that show back in 2000. On August 21, 2000, ZDTV was renamed TechTV but is no longer on the air. However one of the show's great hosts, Solidad O'Brien, went on to be a major CNN anchor. TechTV eventually morphed into Comcast's G4 gaming channel and is still on the air today.



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