Air-Breating Gambrel Roof Design



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The 1" vertical airspace is actually 3/4" as 3/4" pressure treated ply was used between the foam board and the top layer plywood (3/8")


Metal ties were used temporarily to space and brace the trusses.





Detail showing the first layer of plywood - 1/2", then 1/2" foam board (I would use higher density today like 1" thick 250 Foamular)

Ready for shingles



Aluminum Lock Shingles (from the company in Utah - ) These last a lifetime and were very easy to install.


A solar powered gable attic fan turned on it's "side" - when the sun comes out this fan sucks air through the 3/4" air gap which is under the entire roof.




The aluminum shingles do not age like real copper - these are painted with special Valspar paint that is warranteed for 35 years. The singles themselves are lifetime warranteed. For more information on these amazing shingles, check out the web site: