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  Open Directory of Magicians I started this directory a few years ago, and is now a well maintained search engine to find magicians in your area.
"The Linking Page" - Where magic and the internet come together, by Dodd Vickers. This is a great up-to-date site that has news about magicians and magic happenings world wide, on TV, the web, and live in person. Magic Show and The All Magic Guide are published weekly by Robinson Wizard, Inc. New York City.  A very comprehensive site. Meir Yedid's magic site.  


  Meffert's Puzzles and novelties This page represents the hub point for the newest and most exciting venture to the Internet by a puzzle manufacturer. The aim of this web site is to inform, advertise and retail our products to the large on-line audience. We also cover related issues such as solutions to our puzzles, games to play with your friends and even a bit of mathematics!  


- Natural Magic & Illusion Links -

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Sandlot Science


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The Franklin Institute - Online Science Museum


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Musical Illusions


- Other Links -

StarDeck Playing Cards
(A deck with five suits! The CyberMagic logo is based on these cards with permission)


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