Some magic has been added to cyberspace and it's called...

 1998 Enlightened Magic

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"I am amazed!!!... The best computer trick I have seen... Thank you for your wonderful trick!  It was quite enjoyable" 4/22/97 Chris Greenslade, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Vice President, International Brotherhood of Magicians, Ring 40
"Okay, you're definitely magic!    Now, for the usual comment, "How'd you do that?" That is a really cool trick, Sir!" 7/27/97 Julie, Fresno
"Kewell, I thought that was great.... but I am trying to figure out how you do it.... *curious look* I know it is a secret.. but it is a good illusion" 8/1/97 Brenda, Manitoba
"I just have one thing to say!  Interesting!   As a semi-professional magician I probably should know what you did but I am at a loss.  Any hints?  Thanks for the show." 9/22/97 Joe V.
"Pretty cool trick, you truly are the Cyber-Wizard Supreme!" 10/22/97 Mike, Connecticut
"HOWA WHATTA WHAT??? That's amazing!! No doubt you'll have a link on my page!!!!" 10/25/97 "MagicGacoe" Carter C.
"WOW!! That was the most original magic effect on the web I have ever seen. Being a programmer/magician, I am dying to know how it is accomplished." 10/25/97 "Taylor-Raphael"
"Well Kevin you are right- I am amazed just as you promised, now HOW DID YOU DO IT???" 11/5/97 "Pat"
<skypark @>
WOW!! Bravo!!! Encore!!!  I am a working magician, and I know my share about computers....but.... WOW!!!  That was freaky, I kept thinking.... there's no way.... there's just no way.....  Thanks for sparking that "unknowing" feeling again!!! 3/31/98  "Jay"
<Jaybmagic @>
Wow! The best computer trick I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/25/98 Lee Fook Leng
<ekg @> Singapore
Very very cool.   I'm trying to figure it out but no luck so far. 5/5/98 Robert Orenstein
Well, that was quite awesome.  Trying desperately to figure out how you did that magic trick.  I will be telling my e-friends. You did it!!! Thanks, it was brilliant. 5/9/98 Adrienne
<admike @>
That is so amazing!   I do not know how you did that, but it was so cool!  I mean that is so great!   I am going to have to tell everyone about this one! 5/10/98 DBombPD
<DBombPD @>
I am simply amazed at this. I am computer nerd as well as a magician, and I have no Idea how you did it. 5/10/98 Matthew Jones
<mystical @>
Very nice. You were able to read my mind with uncanny accuracy. You should immediately contact the Amazing Randi in order to claim his prize for confirmed mind reading! 5/13/98 Ken Hallgring <ken.hallgring @>
This was just to cool...How did you that??? Mary Barber <>
HOLY ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How does it work?????????????  It is impossible!!!!!!!!   I am amazed!!!!.  This is the first interactive magic trick I am completely stumped on. Jonathan Gamble <>
It was quite an interesting experience. Sameer - The Magic Family <>
You have some amazing magic tricks! Mike Strawn <>
Cute effect . . . it definitely has the sense of true cyber-magic !!! Craig Mitchell, South Africa
Communications Manager - The College of Magic
Your magic trick is definitely one that "I wish I had thought of first!" It was very, very well done.  Awesome, in fact :) Michael Hudson
I just ran your CyberMagic program trick.   Now I will tell you what I think of this program....  Fantastic, Stupendous, Beyond Belief.   At first I was hesitant to email you cause I figured that you must already have a million accolades why would you want one more. Then better judgment set in and I figured that if everyone thought that I would then be the 1st one and proud of it.  So what more can I say about the effect except, "Where is that Thesaurus button?."   Keep up the great work Kevin. Carl Polaris <>
Kevin....don't have any idea how you did it but it is fantastic.....thank you so much for all the fun...... I love magic ..... Your trick here has totally amazed me......I found you while surfing for  magic at Trendy Magic. Donna <>
I just had to drop you a line and let you know how amazed my son and I were with your card trick.  It was unbelievable! I intend to share your site with as many people as possible.  My son is even planning to put a link to your page on his home page. Keep up the fantastic work, man.   You're good, you're really good. Thom Bukosky <>
Simply Amazing, I'm just starting in the world of magic, And this one gets me thinking! I love to see people I do tricks for and watch them wonder and try to guess how I do some tricks its the best feeling in the world When they just don't know!~! Now I know how you feel allot about this one! It was totally excellent.   Thanks for da Fun! Chad Rabanus <>
Wow! That was cool. I'm telling all my friends. Adam <>
That was great. I do magic myself have been for only two years and can find out how most are done. Then come home and work on doing them. Saves me alot of money. But you have got me on this one its great. "Scott 'duck' Henderson" <>
Yes, you certainly amazed me. It's early in the am here and I have been trying to figure out how you did it. Darned if I know, but, I'll keep trying..................... Eileen <>
Very impressive!!  Now, I've the rest of the afternoon to try and figure out how the trick was done. A.J. Wood
I absolutely was fascinated by your great illusion.   Hands off to you. Michael Kester <>
Impressive! A wonderful trick! But how,  how DID you do it? tovrax johnson. <>
that was a neat trick i like dit a lot
Great stuff :) The effect works very well and I'm totally blown away. Keep up the good stuff. MAGiC ILLUSiON PRODUCTiONS
Unbelievable! It worked, that is unreal...I loved it, you are a genius. That was the most incredible thing I've seen on the internet! Karen

How is it done?

"As any good magician knows, I rarely reveal my secrets, even to other magicians."
 - Kevin