The CyberMagic.exe file is a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 compatible program and is less than 200kb.  It will take only a few minutes to download. Do not run the program until you are instructed to later during phase 2.  This program was written using the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 by my software company (KG Computer Services). It does not contain any viruses and will not violate the integrity of your computer hardware or software in any way.  This is purely a piece of magical entertainment designed to amaze you.

We do ask you to download the program onto a blank formatted floppy diskette, for several reasons: 

1) To assure you that it will not take up any room on your computer's hard disk drive.

 2) To assure you that it will run only when you tell it to run and from the floppy disk

3). It will be easier for you to find the program when you are instructed to run it later

4). The magic is more effective when you run the program from your floppy disk.

Please follow all of the instructions carefully, as I will not perform this feat of magic more than once for the same person or group of people. This is a general rule in the world of magic.

If you are unsure about downloading this program, in fear of a virus, you should be aware of the following facts:

  1. Downloading an infected program does not give your computer a virus, running a program that has a virus is what causes your computer to become infected with it.

  2. You can download this program onto a formatted floppy disk and run a virus scanning program (see below) against it, before you run it.

  3. Even if you scan a program you download from the web for viruses, and it passes, it does not mean that the program will not cause your computer any harm.

A program can do anything the programmer commands it to do.  So, the bottom line is that you must trust the company or person behind the programs you download from the web.  To learn more about my world of magic and computers, please visit

If you do not have a anti virus program, we highly recommend Dr. Solomon.  Some web sites allow you download trial and beta versions of anti virus software.

Anti-Virus Programs
SurfinGuard by 
Dr. Solomon 
Dr. Solomon's FindVirus Trial Version 
McAfee Anti Virus 
Symantec's Anti Virus Research Center 
Symantec's Norton Anti Virus 
Andrés Valencia's Informative Anti Virus Page 

After you have downloaded the CyberMagic.exe program to your floppy disk, place the floppy disk aside.  If you have anti-virus software, scan the diskette to assure yourself it is clean..

After you have done all of that, think of any card in a deck of 52 playing cards... Any card at all, in a standard deck of playing cards. Remember the card. Write it down on a piece of paper if you think you will forget it tommorrow.

Next, you will need to send me an e-mail tell me what card you just picked... Don't worry, it's OK to tell what card you picked... I need it in order to send my thoughts of your floppy disk.  In fact, if you do not want to e-mail the name of the card you picked, thinking that I will be able to see it out there in cyberspace somehow, you can just send it in regular mail or tell me over the phone.

To learn more about Kevin and his world of magic and computers, please visit

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